Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Little Breakfast?

My favorite meal. Here are only two very simple and very good morning meals.

Potato Pancake Benedict

The first is a potato pancake topped with an over easy egg. I usually make this when we have left over mashed potato's. Get some of that out and shape it with your hands into a pancake. Lightly coat you pan with some Berilo Extra Virgin olive oil, lol. And get your pancake started. All we are doing is heating the potato as it is already cooked. So we are going to just get it toasted on the bottom.

When done turn it over onto your plate and top with the egg. Form a ring of Ketchup, Not Hienz, around the edge of your pancake. Serve with hot coffee!

Great source of potassium and protein.

Simple Pouched Eggs on Toast

I love eggs and love to mix up my preparations. Pouching eggs can be a nightmare. So after years of trial and error I have found the easiest and effective procedure. Get out a pan that is just big enough to hold enough water to cover the eggs you are preparing. It needs to a good non-stick pan. If not you can use olive oil and give the bottom a good coat using a paper towel and TSB of oil. Fill the pan and add some salt to the water. Bring to a boil and then turn off the burner. Let the water settle for a few seconds. Then what I use is a small measuring bowl or a small glass or cup. You place your egg in the cup and then transfer it to the water buy submerging the cup into the water and then tipping it so the egg just flows out. It will stay in place using this method.

They will cook slowly but with no turbulence in the water they stay where they are and do get broken up.

Prepare your toast and when the eggs are fully white remove with a serrated spoon large enough to hold an egg and let it drain.

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