Saturday, February 19, 2011

Great Brussels Sprouts

Of course Brussels sprouts are good for ya, but people generally find them difficult to cook. Well here is the simplest way I have found that makes them tender and delicious.

First cut off the ends and remove any loose leafs. Then halve them. In a large skillet pour in about 3TBS of Olive oil and about 1/4 cup of apple juice. Sprinkle about 1TSP of Kosher or sea salt and pepper. Mix all that and place the sprouts cut side down. Cover and heat for about 5 mins or until all the liquid just dissipates. Be careful because they will burn quickly once the liquid is gone.

This process steams them in sweet apple juice and braises the cut side in the flavor of the olive oil and seasonings.

Quick, easy, and very tasty. This was to accompany pork chops this meal.

UPDATE: The amount of liquid should boil off in about 5 mins, if you were heavy handed and got too much in then simply remove the cover to get the liquid to reduce enough so the sprouts start to braise.

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